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About Our Business

Founded by Cecil Usher III & Cat Cannon as a reaction to the rapid growth they experienced in the Hospitality Industry in Pittsburgh, PA. They worked together as Senior Counsel Members with the United States Bartenders Guild Pittsburgh Chapter, as Vice President & Security respectively. Through their time with the USBG, they worked hard to provide exciting educational opportunities, national recognition, and bring together the growing community.


 MHG's mission is to bring thoughtful, engaging, and pragmatic approaches that will over-deliver on value and strengthen and support an industry that has provided so much to them. MHG's specialist will provide every client with a personal, careful thought plan to deliver a mindful experience that will leave bars & restaurants feeling more empowered, guests of our events feeling like they received one of a kind experiences, staff with a concise and precise curriculum to encourage personal growth, and a personal workforce for brands that will ensure growth and engagement in their desired markets.


Co-Owner & Lead Consultant

Cecil Usher

Cecil has 16 years of hospitality experience with all aspects of FOH & Bar Management at operations such as Butcher and the Rye and Poulet Bleu. Spent time as Beverage Director for the Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group, crafting their award-winning concepts for then five different restaurants. He has also spent a good amount of time doing additional private consulting with nonprofits like Big Brothers & Big Sisters, United Urban League, and Carnegie Mellon University. Along with private events, and working with national liquor brands to launch new products and conduct engaging activations to arouse brand engagement. Also, a multiple-time winner of national-sponsored cocktail competitions, and former Vice President of the United States Bartender Guild: Pittsburgh Chapter.

Squad Goals

Squad Goals

MHG Headquarters

Our HQ is located in the heart of Downtown and Pittsburgh's Cultural District. This location serves as a meeting space and home to our soon to released podcast.


St. Clair Social


Born in the heart of the Pandemic, with the goal to bring people back together. This retro neighborhood bar with a modern touch is meant to serve the community and provide a place to call home.

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